Audit Analytics Certificate Program

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The Audit Analytics Certificate Program: an integrated approach for the needs of the modern audit professional.

The audit analytics certificate program is an “add on” to our  MACCY program and a set of service courses for our Professional Accounting MBA  program.

It is designed to be a self-contained set of non-matriculated courses that  can be taken by self-actualizing professionals that need to update their  analytic skills and promote change in the profession towards a modern audit.

A Brief Summary and Introduction to Audit Analytics : Audit Analytics

The Audit Analytics Certificate Program - Course Description

Four courses:

  • Information Risk Management-  Syllabus Summer 2017 (May 30- Aug. 16, 2017) Instructor: Qi Liu 

  • Special Topics in Audit Analytics- Spring 2017 Syllabus (January 17-May 07) Instructor: Qiao Li

  • Audit Analytics I -   Fall 2016 Syllabus (September 6 - December 22, 2016) 

  • Individual study course:  Project in Audit Analytics / Continuous Monitoring or Continuous Audit- (Offered every semester)

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The  Rutgers Digital Library 

The audit analytics certificate program is also supported by a  wide set of recorded lectures covering many of the topics in the CPA exam and on  the PAMBA program. Consequently professionals, not in Rutgers programs, may be  advised to supplementary reinforce their backgrounds viewing these materials

Course Snippets
Fall 2015 "Audit Analytics I"

Professor Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi on The Big Data and Audit Evidence

 Spring 2015 " Special Topics Audit Analytics" Course

Professor Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi on The Audit Ecosystem


Professor Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi on Analytics Big Data Audit Automation


Fall 2014 " Special Topics Audit Analytics" Course

He Li on Audit Analytics in Substantive Test