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Gregory Frank

“Internal Audit Apps”


Brad Ames

& Jaroslaw Tarbaj

Continuous Auditing in the Procurement area

Adoption of the Audit Data Standard


Deniz Appelbaum & Joel White

“AICPA Payroll CA/CM Project”


Michael Cangemi & Solon Angel

Monitoring From the Cloud—Insights on



Performing a Strategic Risk-Based Assessment:

Integrating Data Analytics into the Audit Universe


The New Era of Risk Management: Collaboration Across The Business, Risk, Compliance and Audit


Hussein Issa

Hudson Hollister

Ifran Bora

Alisha Green

Opening Municipal Financial Data


Andrew Simpson

& Dave Garcia

Using a CCM Platform for
AML & CFT Compliance


Rajendra Srivastava

Abstract-A General Framework for Assessing Fraud Risk


Miklos Vasarhelyi

CAR-Lab Update


Dan Zitting

“Entering the Age of Forecastive GRC”