21st WCARS - Newark - November 5-6, 2010

21st World Continuous Auditing & Reporting Symposium 

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Friday, November 5, 2010





Amy Pawlicki

Professional Advanced Technology View


John Verver

The Audit Analytic Capability Model

Eric E. Cohen

SQL Access to XBRL Historical Data: A Continuous Benchmarking Story


Andrew Simpson

 Measuring the Value of Continuous Audinting and Monitoring

Patrick Taylor

Top 10 Wrong Things in Continuous Auditing Projects

Dr. Michael Alles Innovations in CA/CM in the CAR LAB

G.Paolo Voarino

Operational Risk and Continuous Auditing Indicators.

Dr. Don J Warren Jr & Ryan Teeter

Audit  Automation

James Littley

Current Industry Trends in Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring


Michael Cangemi 


CM Contemporary Issues-Time to MoveForward
Internal Audit’s Role in Continuous Monitoring

Marcus Spies

Continuous Auditing & Risk Management in Cloud Computing

Mark Nigrini

The Control of Purchasing Card Transactions: Continuous Monitoring? Intermittent Monitoring? Or, A Hybrid Approach?

 Saturday, November 6, 2010 



Young BumKim& Sutapat Thiprungsri

Anomaly Detection: Transitory Accounts |   Y- Project     |    Claim Project

Brad Ames, Patricia Geugelin-Dannegger and Carrie Gilstrap

Outliers: Going Beyond Transactional Analysis

Jeff Backer

The Business Case

John M. Langford

Enhanced Auditing or Auditing with Analytics

Hussein Issa

Application of Duplicate Records Detection Techniques to Duplicate Payments in a Real Business Environment 


Jason Gross

The Road to Continious Assurance

Dr. Robert Nehmer and
Dr. Rajendra Srivastava

Using Belief Functions in Software Agents to Test the Strength of Application Controls: A Conceptual Framework  |  Paper |

Philip Elsas

 Building a Domain-Specific Language to Capture Concepts and Methods of the Owner-Ordered Audit Tradition


Glen Gray

Systems Development Projects: How Internal Auditors Can Improve Succes Rates

Dr. Rajendra Srivastava

Financial Reporting & Auditing Agent with Net Knowledge (FRAANK)

Benedetto Bongiorno and Lynford Graham

Patented Continuous Audit Process

Tony Tinker

Property is Theft

John Maldjian, Esq

Intellectual Property