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August 28th, 2019

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October 23, 2019

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Deniz Appelbaum &
Stephen Kozlowski
Audit of RPA Enabled Accounting Information Systems, Audit of Blockchain
Ami Beers AICPA Emerging Technologies
Rod Brennan Making Digital Assests Accountable
Eric Cohen Blockchain and Internal Controls: the COSO Perspective
John D'Agostino Governance and Fintech
Hongmin Du Identifying Audit Processes for Automation using RPA
Husseyn Eroglu & Yunus Kishali Continuous Auditing and Monitoring of Fuel Stock in Retail
Graham Gal The Implications of Collaboration Space on Interoperability and Blockchains
M’Shiela Hawthorne &
Joe Oringel
Establishing a Data-Driven Culture for Finance and Audit
Chung-Sheng Li Challenges and Opportunities in AI Augmented Audit
Ruanjia Liu Are Stable Coins Better Coins?
Amir Michael Challenges and Opportunities for Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector: The Case of National Health Service (NHS) in the UK
Ivy Munoko AI in Audit
Rob Nehmer &
Deniz Appelbaum
Auditing a Blockchain
Daniel O'Leary Evolving Blockchain Applications: Semantic Models and Distributed Databases with an Accounting Application to Virtual Organizations
Peter Taylor Blockchain: From The Auditor’s Viewpoint
Maria Helena Pettersson Enchancing Audit Quality: Risks and Opportunities Posed by Emerging Technologies
Kevin Simon &
Alain Soublière
CaseWare IDEA AnalyticsAI
Rajendra Srivastava Introduction to SeekiNF
Nuriddin Tojiboyev Distance Based Suspicion Score for Audit Data Selection
Miklos Vasarhelyi Artifcial Intelligence: Deja Vu All Over Again
Xinxin Wang Designing a Classifying System For Non- Profit Organization With Textual Contents in the Mission Statement
Mike Willis Insights from Standards Adoption at the SEC
Abigail Zhang Audit Process Automation
Lu Zhang Visual Audit Exploratory Data Analysis: Framework and Demonstration
Megan Zietsman Update on Data and Technology Project at the PCAOB
Dan Zitting The Rise of Robotics in GRC

*Note: Videos Will be Uploaded After They Have Been Reviewed By The Presentor AND Some Presentations Will Not Be Available Due to Presentors' Request