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About the Conference

About the Conference

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Presenters Presentations Video
Carlos Antonio Conesa & José Manuel Marqués «Artificial intelligence / machine learning applications from a central bank perspective»
Tomasa Rodrigo «The use of Big Data at BBVA Research to better understand the society, the economy and the world»
Richard Benjamins «Responsible AI by design in practice»
Enrique Bonsón,
Rita Lamboglia & Domenica Lavorato
«Artificial intelligence disclosure in annual reports of eurozone companies»
Alvaro Barbero, Natividad Pérez & Tello David Serrano «Artificial intelligence tools in outliers detection and missing data imputation on a dataset of non financial corporations annual financial statements: POC developed at Banco de España´s CBSO»  
Enrique Bonsón, Michaela Bednárová, Roman Klimko «Integrated reporting assessment: Measuring visuality, navigability and technological elements»
Amir Michael &
Terry Harris
«Integrating big data analytics and artificial intelligence in accounting programmes: An implementation case study»
Eric Mantelaers
Arion Cheong & Abigail Zhang  
«Algorithmic transaction-level assessment (ATLAS): A set of experiments»
Miklos Vasarhelyi «Artificial intelligence in auditing»
Graham Gal,
Michaël Verdonck
Wim Laurier
«An ontology for smart contracts»  
Deniz Appelbaum & Peter Lohrey «Token accounting: A forensic perspective of the Digital Wild West»  
Liv Watson &
Charles Calovich
«Auditing and assurance of “connected data” for statutory reporting»  
Rajendra P. Srivastava «Text mining and textual analysis of corporate filings for developing predictive models and risk assessments»  
Abdullah Albizri & Deniz Appelbaum «Trust but verify: The oracle paradox of blockchain smart contracts»  
Helen Brown-Liburd & Ivy Munoko «The ethical implications of using artificial intelligence in auditing»  
Nuriddin Tojiboyev «Distance-based suspicion score for audit selection».  
Kevin Moffitt «The automatic identification of public interest in the fields of audit, assurance, and ethical standards»  
Cleber Custodio «The future in the practice of auditing».  
Ana María Cabezas «Development of a platform and methodology for automating the implementation and updating of ISO quality management systems»  
Diego J. Bodas «Demistyfying artificial intelligence»  
Ignacio Boixo &
Javier Mora
«Data point modelling as future ISO standard for financial big data».  
David Perea,
Cinta Pérez,
María Asunción Grávalos &
Rocío Hernández
«A web scraping methodology to analyze google play apps»  
Susana Fernandes, Raul Laureano &
Luís Laureano
«How to detect the manipulation of financial statements in EU financial incentives in Portugal»  
Ignacio Santos «The data point model and the multidimensional data model in the european structured financial reports»  
Juan Jesús Rico, Raquel Arguedas & Carmen López «The key role of transaction fees in the viability of blockchain technology for Audit applications»