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Bob Cuthbertson, CPA, CA, CITP, CIDA is the former Chief Operating Officer of CaseWare Analytics, representing the products and services of CaseWare IDEA Inc. and CaseWare RCM Inc. Since Bob joined as a founding employee at CaseWare Analytics, the company has built regional sales centers in the Netherlands, China, and Latin America, and has grown a customer base of close to a quarter million users in 90 countries and in 16 languages. Bob is a member of the Board of University of Waterloo's Centre for Information Systems Assurance, and has served on IIA's Academic Relations Committee and the XBRL International Steering Committee.


Audit Data Analytics

Link to Research Publications:
Commentary in the Journal of Information Systems, Vol 29, Number 1,
Spring 2015, pg. 155. "Eight Issues on Audit Data Analytics We Would Like Reviewed." Tawei Wang and Robert Cuthbertson.